The Alarming Truth 

Behind Inflation and 

the Next Pandemic  

The agenda behind inflation and the next pandemics was planned long ago and will cause:

Soaring “COVID-Related” Deaths Due to “Vaccines” 

Destruction of the Food and Supply Chains 

A Major War • Widespread Terrorist Attacks  

A Complete Financial Collapse • End of Our Freedom

It's time for us to stop sleepwalking and...

Wake the Hell Up

before it's too late

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The destructive response to Covid-19 by political leaders, the media and big pharma was not a mistake. Powerful elites long ago planned and then launched COVID-19. They will soon trigger another pandemic that will destroy the economy, steal our wealth, and kill millions through the activation of toxins injected via the COVID shots using electro magnetic frequencies. This is a planned genocide.

Start by watching the video The Covid Catastrophe. Then watch the essential documentaries below on the Federal Reserve, big oil, and who owns the world.

The Corrupt World Banking System and Big Oil

If you do not know how the world banking system works, it will be difficult for you to grasp the alarming truth behind COVID and inflation, the actual reason for war in the Ukraine, and the coming food and supply chain collapse. You may be surprised to learn that your answers to the questions below are wrong.

Can You Correctly Answer These Questions?  

Who creates your nation’s money and how is it created? • What is a debt-based banking system?

What is fractional reserve banking? • What is a nation’s national debt? • What is the real purpose of a central bank? 

Why is who creates your nation’s money more important than what backs the money?

What is the actual cause of inflation, recessions and depressions? 

Discover how a cabal of bankers became so rich and powerful that they successfully and secretly gained control over virtually every nation’s money, government, mainstream media, entertainment industry, healthcare system, education (on every level), pharmaceutical industry, and nearly every major corporation they believe forwards their agenda. All of these entities are corrupt at the core.

Watch These Essential Videos

To comprehend how the COVID crisis actually came about, and why the “vaccines” are dangerous, you need to understand how a small group of oil barons and bankers could become so powerful and dominant over everything in our lives including healthcare. Watch them in the order we recommend and IN THEIR ENTIRETY or you will not comprehend the connection to today’s situation and the danger we are all in:

1. How Big Oil Conquered the World

2. How Fake Money Has Destroyed the World (circa 2010)

3. Monopoly: Who Owns the World?

4. The Vicious Cult that Aims to Destroy Humanity

What Should You Do if You Have Taken COVID Shots?

Information that may help you

Once You Have Watched These Documentaries, Go to The Essential Video Library

Choose videos to watch that peak your interest. The more you watch, the more you will understand the gravity of our situation, how we can solve the problems we are facing, and protect your loved ones.

Lastly, you should choose one or more programs from the “Informative Internet Programs”section below. All of them are excellent resources, so it doesn't matter which you watch. The reason we chose so many is two-fold. First, it is to enable you to get different perspectives. Second, there are so many excellent programs (well over 100) that we just couldn't further narrow the list. There are actually millions of subscribers to these programs and many have huge viewerships.

If you are already aware of what we are facing and wish to help our

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